Bueller Bros Coffee

Originally created for SFU course IAT 381 - Web Design & Development. We were given a practice brief and were instructed to create its concept sketches, site structure, wireframes, and mockups. The most important aspect was how we approached the design process from conception to implementation.

Brief: A local, two-person company that sells coffees will need you to build a website for them. They emphasize in your meeting with them that they need to be able to sell product online, and want to ensure that their website speaks to their small and local nature.

Step 1: Concept Sketches

I would normally expect a small local company to have a quirky style, which would also be evident in the website design. I went another direction and made Bueller Bros a sleek minimalist site with black and white elements. The only colour would come from images of coffee.

Step 2: Site Structure

Since the client is a small company, the site structure should not be too deep. The headings are simple and straight to the point to avoid confusion.

Step 3: Wireframes

Step 4: Mock-ups